Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Almost done

We are winding things up for this school year.

We are pushing hard to finish by the end of May because we have family coming to visit and we want to be free to from all responsibility and enjoy them fully.

I bought these 9" cardboard letters from Discount School Supply.
Abbie decorated each letter either with items that make that sound or so that the whole letter made something that made that sound.  { N = night...not stars }
Here are a few.  



I made a list and gathered supplies beforehand.
I tried to vary the types of skills too...cutting and gluing, watercolors, markers and stickers.
Aside from a few special pieces of scrapbook paper, we used supplies we already had on hand.  I think that's a good lesson for the kids too. 
{It always reminds me of that scene in Apollo 13 where the astronauts in space are in a dire situation, and the experts back at Mission Control are forced to create a circular object that fits into a square hole with only the supplies on hand.}
. . .
Abbie and I also made lots of cookies this year.
I tried for one day each week to be our cookie baking day.  Her part of it was mostly just dumping the ingredients into the bowl, but with that also came the serious teaching of the reasons why we wash hands and tie hair back... and risks/dangers of salmonella poisoning.  ;-)

It's been a good year.
Why is it so hard to stay focused on the last little bit that needs to be finished?
But we want to finish well, and so we push on to the end.
Abbie is done, now just a few things left with the others.


  1. *Uh Huston, ... We have a problem* I like the googly-eyed Indian dude! :D

    1. Is that not the best scene?
      Yes, her Indian turned out really cute.

  2. I LOVE the letters--what a cute idea!

    1. Those letters have been super fun to do with the kids. They aren't too expensive either, IF you don't have to buy too much to embellish.

      Thanks for stopping by, Joy :-)


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