Friday, May 15, 2015

Kitchen stuffs

Free time + fabric = apron love.
I had the chance to make my new aqua-blue apron.
I'm tickled to have another so that I can have one to wear when the other is in the wash.
I'm a messy cook, what can I say?
This is my favorite apron pattern.  It is simple to make, but has cute details. 
I especially like it for the pockets.
A place to stash the odds and ends that I pick up around the house.
. . . . .
I also wanted to show you a little bridal shower gift I made for a friend at church.
I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was just so cute.
They were a cinch to make.  You can find her super simple instructions here.
I purchased a good quality set of spatulas with flat wooden handles. 
The 1/4" steel letter stamping set is available at Harbor Freight Tools
Here's a 20% off coupon too.   {only through May 2015}

While mine are not perfect, I still think they turned out well. 
All you need to do is place the utensil on a flat hard surface, such as the concrete floor in the garage, place the punch where you want to impress, then bang with a hammer. 
I suggest you use an old utensil for trial so that you get the hang of how hard and how many times you need to tap/bang the hammer. 
THANKFUL was the first one I did, and I needed a lighter touch. As you can see, I also impressed part of the metal stamp.    :-/
I still love them and I am so making more of these -
bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, house warming, stocking stuffers...
Yep!  Making more.
This was a set of four spatulas, but you could always divide them up and give one with a collection of hand-written recipes or with seasonal cookie cutters.
If you have an older{ish} daughter, she could make them for sweet birthday gifts
for her friends who enjoy baking.
Seems the sky is the limit with this one. 
I've had lots of Pinterest fails, but this one is a Pinterest win!


  1. "What is your favorite color? Green or Yellow?" "... Yellow" "Then you are ... 'Yummy,' " "hah! :D"

  2. You are a Godly woman, talented crafter, wonderful bride and look so cute in your aprons.

    1. But you're not biased, or anything. ;-)
      Love you!!

  3. I love your apron! What pattern do you use? I'm kind of an "apron pattern junkie!" :) And those are such cute utensils--wish I had time to make some!

    1. Hi Joy,
      The apron pattern is called the Flirty Skirty by the Apron Lady.
      You can make the full apron (like mine) or a reversible half apron - both are in the pattern.
      I just love aprons. I hope you get the chance to make this sometime, I think you will really like it. :-)

  4. I love everything about this post! I can't cook without an apron on! I even pack one when we go on vacation!


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