Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Because I want to remember

I am a list maker.  I'm a checker-offer. 
With days that are full of responsibility it's just too easy to have tunnel vision of all the things that need to be done in a day.
my kids make me laugh.  They are just plain fun.
Here's a little proof from my phone.
One morning I found these three giggling and snuggling.
 . . .

We had a little time to kill, and Starbuck's called to us. 
Matt suggested we take a serious selfie with the hashtag of #coffee is srs business.
 {Thankfully he clued me in - "srs" is text for serious.}
. . .

My girl who loves VW pickle buses
See it... the tale end? 
Ha the only one out of....way too many taken.
. . .
Did you know that teens love selfies?
When I unexpectedly find them on my phone,  I always laugh.
 The "ooooh, I'm so excited about my new leather jacket" selfie.
the "I'm in the car, waiting for Mom" selfie.
The "she is still picking out Mother's Day cards!" selfie
 The "What do you think? It was only 10 bucks!" selfie

 The "Shopping day.  " selfie
The "Sunshine through the sunroof!" selfie
{See?  It doesn't always rain here.}

 Hey - she matches today. 
Never mind that she is eating lunch still wearing her jammies.

 How sweet is this?  I just love this!
. . .

 Caleb went on a road trip to Portland to visit friends and do some voice work. 
Look what specialness he brought home. 

These are the craziest doughnuts! 
Topped with Oreos or Captain Crunch or Cocoa Puffs cereal. 
 Fun times and laughs.
That's what I want to remember.
I hope that is what they'll remember too.


  1. Love this post <3 and are those Susannah and Peter voodoo doughnuts? (Hannah will understand, though with the amount she talks about them you probably will too. =D) they look amazing!!

    1. Thank you, and YES, these are the one and only VooDoo Doughnuts! Thinking we need a road trip. :0)


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