Sunday, March 1, 2015

Birthday fun ...round 4

Of all the birthdays this month, Caleb had the milestone.  He turned 21.
I know I sound like a broken record because I am always saying how fast time is flying, but it is true, and I am keenly aware of it as I watch these children grow up.
Here is how his day was celebrated.
O'dark : thirty  ~  gifts
{because Banker Brother leaves for work early.}

spiffy car seat covers

"Vincent Van Groot"
  Caleb's favorite Vincent Van Gogh painting is his Starry Night.   
He also enjoyed the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. 
T-shirt = Win

love that smile

A Big Foot donut from our local bakery for breakfast.

While the rest of us had commitments of work and piano lessons and such, Caleb installed his new car seat covers {front and back seats plus a steering wheel cover} before he would have to head off to work himself.

Hannah and I decided to bake cupcakes to deliver to him at work for a fun little treat in the midst of responsible adultness.  So Hannah baked, and I delivered,  and everyone there was happy that it was Caleb's birthday.    :-)
It was a beautiful sight ~ a tray full of gorgeous little cakes, but I forgot to take a picture.  Caleb tried to take one for me, but they'd been heavily sampled by then.

For dinner Caleb requested cheese fondue.  {"Fondue is cheese and bread, my friend"}
Baking bread used to be a weekly ritual for me, but since going gluten free, I rarely make it now.  But this being my boy's special request, well, how could I not?  I forgot just how much I really enjoy making bread.  I used a new recipe from Dear DarlaIt made two loaves and they turned out perfectly!  Crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.   Worth cheating for!

My mother's fondue set circa 1960.  :-)

Meatballs, hard salame, apples and this fondue recipe.
{yes, you see oatmeal in those meatballs.  I use it as a gf substitute in meatloaf/meatballs.}
I know it seems pointless, with French baguette on the menu, but it's habit.
To finish off the evening
pecan pie

and his friends came over after church for fun and laughs, food and fellowship. 
These are his besties.  Whenever possible, they pretty much do everything together.
Friendships that run deep are a something of a treasure.  I don't think there is anything that Caleb wouldn't do for anyone of these guys.
. . . . .
In honor of turning 21, here are 21 words/phrases that can be associated
with Caleb:
coffee lover
kilt wearer
God fearing
voice overs
deep friendships
book lover
Scotland or bust!
. . . . . . .
This season of life {college years} is full of promise and possibility, but it can also be a time wrought with confusion and disappointment as the chartered course takes unexpected turns and twists.  Our prayer is that Caleb would be encouraged by God's ever faithfulness and comforted by His sovereignty, and that Caleb's faith would stand firm through all the valleys and grow deeper on the mountaintop experiences he may have.


  1. Happy 21 Caleb!! Looks like it was a very fun

  2. (Oops!) very fun party! That pie looks especially yummy.

    1. It was a good time, and you were missed by Hannah and me. Hope you are feeling better soon. :-)


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