Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A couple of recommendations and some fun news

Do you ever stumble upon something so good that you just want to tell everyone about it?
Well, I've got some things to share with you.
First...these two books.
Last year when my dear friend came for a brief visit, she told me of A Gospel Primer
by Milton Vincent.  I had never heard of it before, but after her description and high recommendation, I hopped on line and ordered a copy. 
Each little segment is a reminder of a Gospel truth, but what I LOVE about it are the footnotes which take you right to the Scripture. 

The other book I came across recently and completely by accident.  I've always admired and respected Pastor John MacArthur.  One Sunday at church on our "free-for-the-taking" table, there were several books, this one, called At the Throne of Grace, being one of them. 
This book is a collection of his prayers that his children recorded and then printed.  What I LOVE about this book are the footnotes which take you right to the Scripture!  :-)

Both these books are like little Bible studies.  They are meaty and weighty, yet comforting at the same time. 

So these are the books I grab first thing in the morning. 

I read from my Bible first.  I'm working through this Bible reading plan.  I've chosen to read using a Bible reading plan so that I am not willy-nilly in the Bible without context.  I find I understand it much better.
After that, I dive in to these other books.  {The aqua book is my journal.}

This time has been extremely rich and fulfilling.  It is so good for me to rehearse these truths and think of them throughout the day.  I need that.  More than anything, I need that.
. . . . .

 And I discovered a new blog too, which I am really enjoying.   {Deardarla.com}

Parisienne Farmgirl recently featured a post on baking French baguettes.  She teamed up with her cousin at DearDarla.com.  The two of them made this really cute YouTube video on how to make these divinely delicious baguettes. 
On DearDarla's blog she is having a month long baking challenge and each week she has featured a different kind of bread to bake.  Week 3 was the baguette.  For week 2 she featured some scrumptious dinner rolls.  The cutest song is playing while the video is rolling, would you believe, she is the one who wrote it and is singing it?!  You should listen to it.
She is one creative gal (so is Parisienne Farmgirl for that matter.) 
. . . . .
and how about this news flash...
The Silver Longboarder is racing!

Taking the inside corner to pass for the WIN which qualified him for the next heat.

This was the second race of the Northwest Trail Series on the BPA Trail, but Eric's first race ever.  Eric's top speed was 26 mph!
He went into the race with the idea of just seeing what it is all about and if he liked downhill style boarding. 
If you know Eric, then you already know.... He really liked it. There are a couple of races in March that he'd like to enter, Lord willing.   Lord willing I'll be able to be there to shoot some photos.  These photos are courtesy of Eridanus Media.
I had to miss this race due farm life {Matt and I hauled the goats over to a host farm for CAE testing.  Ours have always been negative, but it's nice to have the vet's paperwork.}

Wouldn't it be neat if he got sponsored?  With the motto - yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.   ;-)  
. . . . .

The weather has been sunny and mild in the Pacific Northwest.   If you live in other, colder/snowier parts of the nation, hang in there, spring is coming.


  1. Just so you all know I am wearing body armor under my clothes.

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for the shout out :)
    Please keep sharing photos of flowers until this tundra thaws out up here!

    1. Dear Darla,
      Thanks for stopping by. I've really enjoyed your blog, so how could I not give a shout out? :-)
      Even though you are frozen I know your kitchen smells of heavenly baked things!
      ~ Carol


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