Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday fun {round 3}

We blinked!  



Abbie is 6!

This year she had a two-day celebration.  Since her birthday fell on a Monday and that meant Peeps would be at work, we celebrated the day before with a day at the park following church.  {her request} She loves this park.  I think I've mentioned that before.   ;-)



 Currently, her favorite thing to do is ride her bike. It was another glorious day, weather-wise and perfect for bike riding.

Then, on her actual birthday, we began the day with our birthday traditions ~ birthday chair and gifts in the morning.

{bike helmet}
{bike basket}
{Activity book}

{several skirts made by Hannah}

 Then once everyone was back home, we enjoyed birthday dinner. 
Her request: hot dogs and cake with ice cream.  

Since her favorite colors are yellow and pink.  The cake was a lemon cake with butter cream frosting topped with pink M&M's with vanilla ice cream on the side.  Perfect.

Some fun facts about Abbie:
   She has a crazy-fun laugh.
   She is as big as her sister who is two years older.  {so they look like twins}
   Her favorite animal is a dolphin.
   Her favorite food is hot dogs.
   Her favorite candy is a Lolli-pop.
   She is not as shy as she once was.
   She has become a joyful little girl from the baby who cried A LOT.

Eric and I consider it is such a privilege and a blessing to be training and teaching this little sweetie.  We pray that her heart will be tender towards the Lord and His leading always.

We love you, Abigail.
Happy Birthday! 



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