Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life Lately {on Instagram}

I'm new on Instagram and have been having some fun with it.  Thankful I have thedaftscotsman and silverlongboarder to help me with my newbie questions.   :-) 
So here is a little bit of our Life Lately using Instagram # {hashtags}.
Couldn't help taking a quick shot of the beautiful pink morning sky.
Dan keeping an eye on the fire while doing school ~ in a fidgety boyish kind of way.
Playing dress up.
One of Mary's favorite things to play.  I made this tee along with another so many years ago for Sarah and Caleb as a costume for an Awana Cubbies dress up night.  This was the girl version.  The other has a quiver of arrows.  Mary wears it all the time and has decided that the baby on her back is named Apple Juice. 

We went on a Valentine dinner date ~ not on Valentine's Day because in our home February 14 is Daniel's birthday.   It began with coffee  :-)  then a cup of chowder for both of us.  Eric had fish and I had a steak salad.   Chocolate mousse, crème brulee and uninterrupted, sweet conversation made for a very nice evening.
#myknightinshiningarmor @silverlongboarder. 

A few birthdays this month means a shopping trip or two.  I'm a bit of a creature of habit.  I go to the same store all the time because it has everything. Simple. Every time I pass this poster I think of my son.  He happened to be shopping with me recently so I showed him the poster.  He laughed, but said he didn't see the resemblance.
#notexactlybutprettyclose @thedaftscotsman.

Incidentally,  Caleb has another recording session this Friday.  I can't say more about it now, but just sayin', I'm one proud mom.

These kiddos are selfie crazy sometimes, but especially when together, and especially when my phone is within eyesight.  They love to take pictures and leave them as a surprise for me to see at some un-expecting later time.

On a side note.
We may not have the freezing cold and snow that other parts of the nation have, but we've had rain.  Lots and lots of rain!  According to statistics, normal amounts of rainfall for us for the month of February would be 1.33".  We have had 3.76" so far, and the month isn't over!   Yep, lots of rain. 

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