Friday, February 6, 2015

Birthday fun round 1

Recently, for some birthday fun we went to the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.
The day we went was not Dan's actual birthday, but there is a little known secret about museums...the first Thursday of the month they offer FREE admission so we took full advantage of that!
  To quote from their website, "From humble beginnings in 1911, MOHAI has grown into the largest private heritage organization in the State of Washington with a collection of over 4 million objects, documents, and photographs from the Puget Sound region’s pastMOHAI uses these artifacts along with cutting edge, hands-on interactive experiences to make history come alive through the unforgettable stories of the men and women who built Seattle from wilderness to world city."
It lived up to its description.
What I think I liked best was that I never once had to tell the children not to touch anything.
Most of the exhibits were hands-on which makes learning fun and memorable. 

 The first intercontinental US mail sea plane.

 Several of Seattle's kitschy icons in fun crank activated vignettes. 
Need a tow?

The Gold Rush - Seattle to Alaska via dog sled.

Hello, May I help you?
"Every bond you buy is a bullet in your best guy's gun."

My artsy photo of Matt.
 Hands on!

The day was great from start of finish.  Not only were the exhibits interesting, but traffic to and from the city was minimal, admission was free, and we scored some free parking too. We finished off the day with Subway {Birthday boy's choice}. 
It was a very merry unbirthday.  :-)


  1. That is *so* neat! I have actually never been there... certainly something I hope to do someday! So glad your birthday Round One was a success. =D

  2. "Well, if it isn't the Star Spangled Man with a plan, what is your plan for today?" I do so lurves you mum! XD


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