Monday, February 16, 2015


Dan's 12th birthday
{part 2} 
In our home Valentine's Day does mean a little of this
and a little of this too,

but mostly it means this.

Birthday + Valentine = Birthentine
Best Valentine's gift EVER!

Birthday breakfast ~ homemade donuts.

{opened at breakfast}


He had a friend come over for the afternoon. Both boys enjoy the outside as much as building with Lego, but with it being sloppy outside and with new Lego to build with...
that's what they did all afternoon.
. . . . .
Dan's birthday dinner request was hamburgers and tater tots.
When I asked Dan what kind of birthday dessert he wanted, he said he'd like ice cream sandwiches, specifically homemade peanut butter cookies with vanilla ice cream.
Knowing the cookies would be used as sandwiches, I made them a little bigger....but instead of sandwich size, they turned out to be pancake size! 

A few fun facts about Dan:
  • His favorite color is red.  {perfect!}
  • He is as tall as me now.  5'
  • He is ALWAYS hungry, seriously always.
  • His favorite animal is a penguin.
  • His favorite subject in school is history.
  • He does a perfect "Tibbles" face {from Gnomio and Juliet ~ a silly, family favorite movie.}

We are so blessed by Dan's gentle, joyful spirit.   We pray that as he grows taller and wiser in the coming years, this gentle, joyful spirit will continue to be his defining character quality.
We love you, Dan

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  1. Dan I love you and pray that you continually seek the Lord in all you do.
    Love Dad


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