Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 for 5

Eric just returned from his annual hunting trip.  I can't tell you how much he looks forward to some much needed R&R.  Where he hunts, the climate and terrain are so very different from where we live that it almost feels like you've left the state.   That coupled with hiking and camping really gives him a refreshing change of pace. 
This year Daniel, Matthew, and a friend of Matthew's were able to go along too.
Sadly, Caleb wasn't able to make this trip.
They met up with Eric's long time hunting buddy at the camp site.
They've been hunting together for almost 18 years!  They are great partners, able to read each other well.  Life gets busy, but every fall they reconnect and pick up right where they left off.  Friendships like that are a special gift.
This year was Daniel's first hunting trip.  To say that he was excited to go, would be a gross understatement.  As the date got closer, his brothers shared their stories so he'd have an idea of what to expect, but I think the experiences from this trip far surpassed his expectations.
Some firsts for Dan:
This was his first trip.
He shot his first buck on his first Opening day.
He was first in the group to fill his tag.
Dan's buck was a mule deer. 3 x 2. Weighing in at 78 pounds hanging weight.
{The butcher gives the hanging weight, which is after they've been skinned and gutted.}
Eric's buck was also a mule deer. 4 x 4. Weighing in  at 97 pounds hanging weight.  

Daryn's buck was a white tail. 4 x 3. Weighing in at 102 pounds hanging weight.
 Matt's buck was a monster! A mule deer. 4 x 3. Weighing 149 pounds hanging weight.

Kit didn't take a selfie, and Eric's phone was dead so he couldn't take a photo of Kit with his deer.  Sad.
This was the first time Daryn had been to this particular area, and it was his first successful trip.   Each one of them has his unique story of how he got his deer.  Daryn and Matt both joke about how they are bonded for life after having hauled out Matt's huge deer together, which took them 5 hours, even with Eric's help!

I love to hear about all the details because they relay them with such excitement.  When I
asked my boys what their favorite part of this trip was, they both surprisingly said - while they were so happy to be able to get a deer, it was the fellowship with their dad and friends that they enjoyed the most. 

Talks about the Lord and His great character, His beautiful creation, His gracious provision bond them ever closer, as they work and play together.  They wake up at 0'dark:30, hike out long distances in the cold, wait patiently for daybreak, then sit and watch, each in his own spot.  {Of course Eric and Dan stayed together.} They radio each other to share their success.  They help each other, with the not-so-fun job of gutting, as well as hauling, and skinning.  Those who have gotten their deer already, help each other by spotting or packing/carrying supplies.

Persevering through annoying, little blue gnats, drinking hot chocolate, eating way too many homemade cookies, and jokes that become "inside jokes" are but a few of the other things that further the bond.

In my book this trip was a complete success ~ and we will have a freezer FULL! 

. . . . .

{Warning: Graphic photo below.}

Kit's, Eric's, Daryn's, Dan's, and Matt's. 
5 for 5.


  1. SO AWESOME!!! Matt's buck must have enormous.

  2. That's so amazing!! How exciting that they each got one!!!?!?! Lovely picture to end on. :)


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