Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ordinary days

I haven't blogged of late because, well our days are just ordinary days. 
I did have some things on my bucket list to do with the kids this summer,
but without a family car, those plans are taking a back seat {ha - a back seat in which car, the one we used to have?  The one we are saving for?} 
The kids are happy and content to just play. :-) 
* * *
Along with the end table and coffee table,  I painted this bookshelf. 
I also added feet to the bottom.  
It really transformed the look of this ordinary, basic bookshelf and I like it.
I'm also glad that my painting projects are complete.  :-)

* * *

Almost like a 2 for 1.

We have wild huckleberries on our farm.
I once checked out a book from the library that identified these as lingonberries.
Huckleberries grow wild throughout the Pacific Northwest, thriving in the cool, moist conditions found in woodland settings. They are similar to blueberries, and are delicious fresh, or in jams and baked goods.
Lingonberries, {also known as Cowberries} on the other hand, grow wild throughout northern Europe and Canada, producing tart red fruit, similar to cranberries. The fruit are used in baked goods and preserves.
Either way, they are yummy.

What I find amazing about them is where they grow. 
We have these huge, dead, cedar stumps left here long ago from old growth logging, and there they are, growing right out of the top. 
Out of death, comes life. 
That makes me think of Christ.

There seem to be so many Gospel messages found in creation.
You don't really have to look very hard to find them.
Thinking about my favorite place to contemplate the tender mercies of the Lord.

* * * 
Lately, this is Mary Anne's favorite place to be.  See the well worn path beneath?

* * *
It has been unusually hot.  Most summers we only have a handful of days in the 90's, but we're going on a couple of weeks of steady, hot weather. 
This has been our only source of comfort.
Don't laugh!
 {We got this pool for free at Eric's company picnic event.}
We've got our little routine, each morning I fill it up. 
The water straight from the well is very cold - so the filled pool sits in the sun until mid-afternoon.  The little girls spend the afternoon splashing and staying cool.  Daniel often joins them, but then they have a lot less wiggle room.
After they are done for the day, I dump out the water to give the grass a much needed drink.

 * * *
Our milker really enjoys Scratch and Peck organic grain. :-)
* * *
Each year I learn something new about gardening in our little micro-climate. 

The green beans seem to enjoy the heat.  They are doing well.  They are in a different spot in the garden this year so I am curious to see how much they will yield.

Speaking for the lettuce and Swiss Chard, they are thankful for those beans and the shade they provide from the late afternoon heat.

Lots of summer squash coming on.
It's a good thing that we casually enjoy whatever bounty comes, instead of depending on large, specific yields.  Turns out the huge amount of what I thought were cucumbers are really summer squash.  The cucumbers never did grow.   This is one happy plant and it has overshadowed the beet row.  Eric dug up the beets and moved them.  We've never done that before, so we'll see if they make it. 

Did you know that these are edible?  They are a fun addition to salads or even on a frosted dessert {like lemon poppy seed cake with a cream cheese frosting.}
They dress up tea party goodies too.   :-)
Oh, now that would be a fun thing to do.  I think I'll plan to have one when the weather cools down a bit.  There will be absolutely no baking for a few more days.
Hope you are enjoying your summer days. 

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  1. Thanks so much for a peak I to your ordinary days! Often times those are the best. =) I loved the pain job you did on the coffee table by the way! And I really like the shelf too. I'm glad you're enjoying the heat! It's sad that we are missin the hottest week of the year. (Probably) =D see you soon!


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