Friday, July 18, 2014

A Whim

This morning at the breakfast table I blurted out - betcha can't guess what movie I'm in the mood to watch...
So - they started guessing.
Do we own it?
Is it a classic?
Is it black and white?
Is it a western?
Is the main character a male?
Had they seen the movie?
Is it a comedy?
{yes, a romantic comedy.}
Are the actors famous?
{yes, very.}
Are they still alive?
{ recently died.}
Do they get married in the end?
Matthew actually guessed it.
How to Steal a Million.
It stars Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn.
Have you seen it?  If you haven't, you should.
and look who did the music!
Since we don't own it, and since we had to order it from the library...
Hannah and I went shopping instead!
We are having a beautiful summer. 
And today is a tad cooler.  Just right for walking along the sunny street, and peeking in windows, and browsing through shops to see if there might be a treasure or two.
Yes, please. 
 And speaking of Audrey...
Now I really want to watch that movie!

. . .
Hannah found a few treasures. {some gifts for friends.}
I found this one.
  Isn't this desk THE cutest?   I love it.  It has my name ALL OVER IT, don't you think so?
{Too bad it had a hefty price tag.  So long darling aqua blue, desk.}
A fun selfie with my girl.

And that's what we did on this lazy-dazy Friday. :-)


  1. okay, love the selfie! Just sayin'. =) I have not watched that movie, but now I want to! Unfortunately a lot of Adurey's movies I haven't watched (Breakfast at Tiffany's and A Roman Holiday are two of her most well known, and i haven't watched either!) But maybe I'll have to fix that. =D So glad you and Hannah could hang out in Snohomish on a sunny Friday, it looks like tons of fun.

    P.s I'm sympathizing with you and the fact you couldn't get the table. You could've made it into a sewing table or something! Well.. keep it in mind. maybe someday!

  2. Keep in mind that some Audrey Hepburn movies have questionable themes. As far as I remember, How to Steal a Million is ok. :-)


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