Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Today Ellie turned 8. 
Here is her day in pictures {with a little narration}.
 Tradition...a butterfly balloon from Daddy

 Homemade donuts made by Hannah

An heirloom gift from Great Aunt Barbara
{a sewing basket from her mother ~ Ellie's great grandmother.} 

Legos from Caleb
Sunnies from Matthew

A necklace from Grandpa

 A fun book from Uncle and Cousin

 The girls in their sunnies on the way to our favorite park.

Hannah with Daddy doing a catamaran.

Determined Mary Anne

Fun on the ramps.

Even yours truly

Back at home - working on a handwork sampler

Wearing her "princess dress" that Hannah made for her.

A visit from Sarah and Tristan

No cake.  Banana splits instead.

It was a beautiful day celebrating a beautiful girl.  Ellie has an infectious smile and contagious laugh.
With each year, we pray she grows ever more in the knowledge of Christ. 
We are so very thankful for her. 
Happy Birthday, Ellie Bells
We love you so much!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday Ellie! That dress looks beautiful - so fun that they all have matching ones now. :) The day at the park looks like it was a blast!

  2. The pictures of Mary sitting on the skateboard are SOOOOO adorable!!! I almost died of an overload of cuteness confronting my brain.

  3. Oh, what I wouldn't do for one of Hannah's donuts... or a snuggle from your sweet little girlies. Happy birthday Ellie... lots of love!


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