Friday, June 13, 2014


A friend of mine has a daughter who recently had a birthday party .  She had a small gathering of friends and did this craft with them.  I thought it was such a fun idea and probably pretty easy for my little girls to do, even though they are a few years younger.

The supply list is simple:
Paper {Any kind, but light card stock works best.}
Craft paint {Any kind, but the small acrylic type is what we used - leftover from our garden rock project.}
pipe cleaners
butterfly template.  Found here. 
Begin with white or colored cardstock. 
You can use printer paper in a pinch, but it doesn't work as well {You'll see why in a minute.}

Put blobs of paint on your paper.  You can be random or ordered.  It doesn't matter.

Fold the paper in half and rub the paint - creating a smeared masterpiece.

Unfold the paper quickly so that it doesn't stay stuck together
{which is the problem with the printer paper.}

If your name is Hannah, embellish with polka dots.  She claims,
"Everything is better with polka dots."   :-)
Let them dry completelyThis may take a while.

When they are dry hold the butterfly template over the painted area and cut out the shape.

Then wrap a pipe cleaner around the center for the body and antenna.

Daniel read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to them.

Who would have thought that paint blobs smeared on paper would yield such interesting results.

The girls just love having these friendly critters on their windows.
This was an easy, no fuss craft to do with them.
Perfect for practicing cutting skills.
Perfect for practicing patience...while waiting for them to dry.

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  1. Ah they turned out so darling! It looks like they enjoyed it immensely! Though I dare say that everything looks better with stripes as well. :D


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