Monday, May 26, 2014

School Days

A piano recital to conclude this school year's lessons.

Both Hannah and Daniel are progressing along nicely.

Hannah's piece was long enough that she required a page turner. 
That's her teacher next to her.
Don't be fooled by his age.  He is a very gifted pianist and a patient teacher.
I remember that as a young boy he aspired to be just like Mozart, or maybe it was Beethoven.  

As it turned out, he had only four students this year - which allowed for a casual, low-key recital.  That atmosphere makes it much more enjoyable for my children, since they are already nervous anyway.

~ . ~
More CLEP tests.
Caleb and Matt both passed!

A selfie of two "so glad we passed" brothers.

Taking CLEP exams in lieu of sitting in on a college class has its challenges, but it saves so much money.  The average 3 unit class costs $600.  A CLEP test costs $100.  
The disadvantage is that you need to be disciplined with your time.  There are no external deadlines to set the pace or group discussion and feedback.

Caleb and Matt were able to enjoy the holiday weekend with the sweet taste of success.
Next week they'll be back to the grindstone studying for the next exam.


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