Saturday, May 24, 2014

A new plan

We only had a few things planned for this Memorial weekend.

1.  A family hike on Saturday after our farm chores.
2.  Church and afterward fellowship with friends at their home.
3.  Attending a Memorial Day ceremony at the local cemetery by the VFW.
It has been determined that we will be staying home.
Sadly, our old, tired, family car needs a new transmission.
We are choosing to be thankful and see God's provision.
~ God protected us while we were out.
~ We made it home... safely.
~ We did not have to have it towed.
~ It was not pouring rain while Eric had a look-see.
~I have a very flexible schedule.
~ I like to be home.
So now we wait dependently and expectantly on the Lord.


  1. I'm so sorry! How frustrating to have that happen on such a weekend. :( But there *is* lots to be thankful for. :) Does this mean you won't be coming to church..?

    1. Mr. will be there - he is teaching first hour.
      Hannah will be there - she has offertory.
      Caleb and Matt will be there - they have set up.
      The rest of us will be home. :-(

    2. Hannah did awesome!! (I was almost as nervous about turning pages as she was about playing!) And Mr. Blanchet did a really good job teaching, I enjoyed it a lot! I did miss you though! I was sorry you weren't able to make it. I believe I will see you Tuesday though. :)


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