Friday, May 23, 2014

Hidden Art

Recently I've been combing my bookshelves to see just what treasures I own and how to best use them in the next school year.

I came across the book Hidden Art by Edith Schaeffer.  It's an oft recommended book within homeschooling circles.  When I found this older copy at a used book store some years ago,  I snatched it up to add to our resources.   

Dusting if off, I decided it was high time that I read it.  Oh my!  What an encouraging and inspiring book.  The premise is that since we are created by God, who is the MOST creative, {just look a flower, for example} and since we are made in His image, then it stands to reason that, we are created with the propensity to be creative too.  She encourages the reader to exercise their creative muscles in every area of life.  She doesn't mean to literally {unless of course, that is how the Lord is directing you} to attend art school, but to take the time and put in extra effort to make things lovely, and appealing, and a blessing to those who see it.  

Cheerful porch decorations to greet your visitors,  a pretty table center piece that beckons to come enjoy a meal all together, even a neatly made bed with an extra plump to the pillows - All these things create a delightful environment for all to enjoy and a way to express creativity...even if it is just for YOU.

When mothers in the home do these types of things it not only blesses her husband and children, but teaches by example to the children how making an extra effort says a lot.
I am quite sure that the author would say expressing creativity is not only for mothers or wives, but for everyone!  Even something as simple as the way you wrap a gift or address some fun mail can show your flair. 

I would say that I'd like to purpose to do one creative thing each day, but then the left side of my brain kicks in and fills me with doubt.  Thankfully, creativity comes in so many forms - like making a batch of delicious goat cheese, sewing, or even coffee art, which I have no idea how to do, but I'd gladly learn how.  

Fist bumps for the Artsy Fartsy.  What do you do that is creative?

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