Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Gloom Chaser

Look at my new fun find. 
It's a simple votive holder made of different shades of glass - aqua and green - my favorite!   
My gramma used to call these candle holders "gloom chasers".  I'm not sure if that is the real name or just what she called them, but either way, when I saw this candle holder I couldn't help but think of her!   

The candle light flickers, bounces off the colored shades of glass, and dances on the walls.  It's friendly that way.  Not a chance for any gloom to settle anywhere near. 
For me - it brings back memories of the many sweet times I spent with her.   I remember spending many a Saturday night at her house.  We would sit on the couch together in the evening after dinner, eat chocolate ice cream, and watch the Donny and Marie Variety Show.
Dusk would give into darkness, but her gloom chaser was always lit on the coffee table nearby giving its friendly glow. 
She was known for her cheerful disposition.  No wonder she enjoyed this type of candle.  Who wants to be gloomy anyway? 
I don't think there has ever been a gloom chaser that I didn't like ~ with its many varied colors and shapes and the fun light it casts off, or one that didn't lead me to think about my gramma.
So thankful for the little joys in life! 

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