Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One happy man

A happy find in today's mail...

Would you believe?
{To quote Maxwell Smart}

4 almost identical photos.
It began with the need for an ID card.  You can read about that ridiculousness here
In our state we have two choices.
Door #1.  Pass the written exam to get a driving permit at 16, attend driving school, pass the behind the wheel test, and receive a license.
Door #2.  Pass the written exam to get a driving permit at 16, do not attend a driving school, renew the permit for another year, then when 18, pass the behind the wheel test, and receive a driver's license. 
Sadly, at this time, Washington state does not recognize parent taught driver's ed.
We have chosen door #2 for our children, which is why Matthew has so many state issued cards.  {ID, 1st permit, renewed permit, the real deal - a driver's license.}
And seriously - you can hardly tell they weren't all taken on the same day!


  1. Whoohoo! Lets party!! We need to plan some get togethers before he gets a job and doesn't have time. :D

  2. Good job, Matty!!! I love his face in the second picture. Hilarious.


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