Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This year's tradition

Not long after I finished making the marshmallow pops with the little girls, the older kids arrived home from their fun with Dad.

What's this?  I think I see a little leprechaun peeking out from behind Caleb! 

Hannah set right to work and got busy in the kitchen preparing...

potatoes for potato soup

 boxty {much like latkes}

Fresh, hand-made, Celtic knot rolls {light, flakey, so yummy, and NOT gluten free}


It was a feast, I tell you.  Absolutely Delicious! 

For dessert we had chocolate cake with green mint ice cream. 
I tell ya, I gotta be fast with the camera when it comes to dessert around here, or I might miss out.
I missed out.

Oh, and about that little leprechaun, 
               who happens to be our nephew, 
                              who happens to be a chef, 

was impressed by Hannah's Irish feast.

Later in the week we are going to have some fun with that!
A cooking challenge between the two of them ~ I'm going to buy a secret ingredient, and they each will have to create something with it.  

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  1. Oh wow. That looks amazing! Especially those rolls! yum. :)

    Glad to see Roger arrived safely! A cooking challenge sounds like a lot of fun - can't wait to hear about it!


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