Monday, March 17, 2014

Some St. Patrick's Day poetry for you

Wearing green so we won't get pinched,

donning aprons, the ties were cinched.

 Sugar and milk,

 mix, mix, mix,

 marshmallows for all and plenty of sticks.

Dip in here first,

then in there,

 Oh, the colors of Ireland fair!

{Well, it is not deep or thought provoking poetry, but it does rhyme.}

~ ~ ~ 

These sugar coated marshmallows are a perfect project for little hands. 
So simple and easy.       

While we made this yummy little treat, the others were on their way to enjoy their corned beef and cabbage tradition with Dad.  

And tonight....our traditional Irish feast made by our resident Irish lass.
{o.k., so she is not Irish, but you know what I mean.} 


  1. How cute! Ah, those marshmallows are awesome! You must tell them so. :) They all look so happy dipping! I must admit I did not wear green today - in fact I wore blue. :) But! I wore green yesterday - without realizing it. Does that count? :D

    I find it hard to believe its been a *year* since that I time I joined you for your St. Patrick's Day feast! Crazy. It was a wonderful time and meal though. :)

  2. So sweet to see so many sweets even the three little sweet hearts. Oh and I get it, I get it the rhyme I mean.

  3. I absolutely LOVE those three. <3 They are melt-your-heart adorable.


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