Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let's talk turkey

We are all getting so excited for this year's Thanksgiving celebration.  We are hosting a big gathering.  Family is coming into town from afar for Sarah's wedding, which is the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, and we are so excited that they included Thanksgiving with us in their plans too.  

Eric has some pretty special memories of making Varenyky for Thanksgiving with his great- grandmother, grandmother, and mother all in the kitchen together.  Can't you just see it? The kitchen is warm and inviting. Several pots are on the stove top boiling.  It smells of spices from pies baking.  These ladies in their aprons, gathered around the flour covered counters, rolling out dough, chatting, and laughing.  

While we won't have the great grandmas with us, we will have that same scene in our kitchen.  Varenyky is so delicious, but it does take quite a bit of time to make.  It's definitely a "do-ahead" item.  I can't wait to be gathered around our flour covered counters chatting and laughing with family that we don't get to see very often, making memories to savor along with the food. 

It's easy to get caught up in the planning, list making, and shopping, that all the while the little children feel a bit left out of the growing excitement.  They sweetly look up at me and ask, "What can I do?" 

I wanted to do this idea with the kids, but the leaves on our property are too wet and decayed.

So, the other day, this very un-crafty mother dug out some supplies so they could make handprint turkeys that we could use as place cards. 

{Great color lesson for the kids on what combinations make brown.}

I began with using brown paper lunch bags, but that became a bit cumbersome to cut open, so I switched to some rolled brown paper from the Dollar store

These are Mary Anne's chubby, little hand prints. 

It's such a simple thing, but the kids had so much fun, wearing a Daddy t-shirt {they make great aprons because they cover everything!} and getting messy.  
It dawned on me after we were done, that we could have just traced their hands on paper, but I think they liked the sloppy paint way better. :-) 

Once the paint was dry they colored in feathers and faces. They will look super cute placed on top of each place setting, and I am sure will be great conversation starters too. 

{The Contented Turkey}

{The Cheerful Turkey}

  {The Five Headed Turkey}

Wishing you fond memories with your blessings as you prepare for this Thanksgiving season.

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