Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quotable Quotes

In our home we seem to quote movies... a lot.  
Some times the moment is just perfect for a classic line repeat. 

I'm going to list some quotes from our top ten quotable movies .  Let's see if you can guess the movie it comes from. 

{Now if I were the Pioneer Woman, I'd have a supreme giveaway for the winner, but alas, I am... well, me.  So, just have a little fun and see how ya do.}

1.  "Ben, I've got nothing."

2.  "It's so overt, it's covert."

3.  "I don't care what they say about you, Sir, you're a gentleman."

4.   "He pinches my cheek; I hate that."

5.  "He's delusional; he thinks he invented tin foil."

6.  "Hooray, I'm a llama again, Oh wait!"

7.  "It's better to use your head, than break your back, I always say."

8.  "You know what I'm thinking right now?  Where's my tuna fish sandwich?"

9.  "I'm bringing the party to you." 
       "How is this a party?"

10.  "Apparently, it's big deal."

and 1 bonus quote...

11.  "Bapple?"

Here are the answers for you.
1. National Treasure
2. Sherlock Holmes 2
3. Sahara
4. Princess Bride
5. While You Were Sleeping
6. The Emperor's New Groove
7. The Swiss Family Robinson
8. Iron Man 3
9. Avengers
10. Despicable Me
Bonus...Despicable Me

Leave a comment with your favorite movie quote.


  1. I lost my hat! That was my favorite hat!

    It's all wibbly, wobbly, timey whimey

    Bow ties are cool! - what's that on your head?! - idk, a fez I think - fezs are cool.

    1. "Your death would look very bad in the papers." "So does the word, 'plague'."

      Dr. Who? I think.

  2. "People!? I ain't people!!"
    -Singin In The Rain-

    1. "I will tear myself from your arms"
      Ha ha. One of our faves!

  3. I guess I'm not too good at your game -- I only got one -- #10.
    Some of our faves are from Despicable Me, Princess Bride, and Napoleon Dynamite. :-)

    1. Despicable Me and Princess Bride are SO quotable.
      "You know what that means, Professor? You don't get the unicorn."
      "Oh, you mean THIS gate key?"

      I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite. We'll have to check it out.

    2. Funny how different quotes from the same movie come to different people's minds!
      For PB I think of: "Do you always start conversations like this?" This was in response to the question Inigo asked "Do you happen to have 6 fingers on your right hand?" Our family uses this phrase when someone says something completely out of the blue with no context...

      I also love, "I don't think that means what you think it means." We use that one a lot when someone misspeaks or uses a word out of context.

      And we always say "GENT -LEEE" (remember when Buttercup was trying to help the injured Westley?) when someone is forcing something and about to break it...:-)

      You haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite? OH for goodness sakes go get it NOW and watch. Being a child of the 80's you must see it. I will warn you the first time you watch it you may think it's stupid. I did. But I encourage you to sit through it a second time. I cannot watch it now without laughing out loud almost the whole time.

  4. ""Why are we stopping? I thought we're lookin' for a ship?"
    "I don't see any ship..."

    "Oh, you like that? Too bad..."

    "This drink, I like it! ANOTHER!!!"

    "Fondue is cheese and bread, my friend."

    "Then why don't you give it a try!"

    "Nobody should that for the next twenty minutes!"

    1. Hmm... I don't know all these...and I LIVE with you! ;-)

    2. National treasure, Thor, Captain America, and some other ones I don't recognize XD

  5. "Nice boots Tinkerbelle!"

    "Can you knot?" (Rabbit) "I can not knot," (Piglet) "Not, knot?" (Rabbit) "Who's there?" (Pooh) "Pooh!" (Rabbit) "Pooh, who?" (Pooh)

    "And sassy, as can be..."

    "There's a double-meaning to that!"


    1. Captain America, of course. ;-)
      The Pooh movie (super cute!)
      Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
      ??? You got me on this one.

    2. "Where'd you get eyes like that" - "Well you gotta kill some people"

      "I AM your father!" "Nooooooo"

      "There are rocks ahead!" "If there are, we'll all be dead!"

    3. Thor: [taking coffee for the first time] This drink... I like it!
      Darcy: I know, it's great right?
      Thor: ANOTHER!
      Thor: [throws the mug on the floor and shatters it]

      "Where'd you get eyes like that?" - Jack
      "You gotta kill some people" - Riddick

      Data [taking a drink of an orange substance - makes a horrid face]
      Guinan - "Looks like he hates it..."
      Data - "Yes!!! That's IT! I HATE this!!!"
      Guinan - "More?"
      Data - "Yes! Please!

      "What's wrong with the way I talk, am I dumb or something?" - Lina

      Peggy Carter: "Wait!"
      [she kisses Steve]
      Peggy Carter: "Go get him."
      [surprised by the kiss, Steve looks at Colonel Phillips]
      Col. Chester Phillips: "I'm not kissing you!"

      "The Truth is....I am Iron Man"

      "Ben, Ben I have nothing!" - Riley

      "How do you do this?!" - All
      "Just wrap it around your head!" - Dirk

      Mum - this is way too much fun - I could be quoting all day!!

  6. "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile"

    "Stop et!" (said with a British accent)

    "Stark! We need a plan of attack! I have a plan - attack"

    "Mew Mew? What's a Mew Mew?"

    "I want to go to Brighton!"

    "Oh you've got to be kidding me." (also in British accent)

    I can't think of any more at the moment though I'm sure there is. =)
    "Leave off!!"

  7. Oh and I just remembered. Emmali recently watched Thor 1, and so we've been quoting parts from it. Such as:

    "Loki this is madness. IS IT? Is it madness.... Or is it something else?"

    "They stole my iPod... I like just download 30 songs on it!!!!" "Ok, enough with the iPod" ... "
    I'll email so-n-so and -" "They took your laptop too."

    And the rest of the quoting comes from me quoting entire scenes to Emmali. :P

  8. 1: National treasure
    2: Sherlock holmes a game of shadows
    5:while you were sleeping
    6:The emperors new groove
    7: The Swiss family Robinson


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