Thursday, November 14, 2013

Got Talent?

Last Sunday our church held its 3rd annual talent show.  It's a night full of fun and laughter. The entertainment varied from playing instruments,

Scripture recitation {They quoted all of Psalm 91}.

{These seven sisters are well known for their acapela singing.}

This year Dan wanted to do a few "fool the eye" magic tricks.  Ellie was his beautiful assistant. 

They both did a great job.  Neither of them looked nervous.  Ellie was so cute digging through the bag for things that Dan needed, and Dan executed his tricks quite convincingly. 

Hannah joined with a couple of girl friends who play the violin. 

They played the Downton Abbey theme song.  They played flawlessly.  It sent chills up my spine.  {Love that song!}

Matt had a small part in a funny skit entitled, "The Pit".  Sort of like a modern day Good Samaritan story.  His role was that of an engineer who couldn't figure a way to get the fallen man out of the pit.  There he is, all official looking with his hard hat and clip board. 

Caleb teamed up with a buddy to do a skit full of British humor.  I think Caleb was made for the stage. What a HAM!

You can see the panel of judges sitting up front.   What you don't see are their ear to ear smiles.  It's really fun to learn something new about someone {"I didn't know she could play the ...."} and to see the different talents God has given to each of them. 


  1. This night . was a blast. Such a variety of performances!

    1. I wanted to include photos of you and Malory, but from my seat I only got a really great shot of the light behind the piano, and I caught Malory mid-sentence. Ugh.

    2. Aww that's to bad. But thanks for trying. =) I'm sure Malory appreciates you not posting the one of here. =D
      I'm glad you got one of all your family's performances - Daniel and Ellie were sooo cute! You could tell Ellie was very excited to be up there with brother!

  2. It was also a great night to sort out the talent from those not so talented... if you know what I mean. ;)


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