Monday, February 25, 2013


Sickness surprises... 
Kids get sick, moms don't.  {Ahem.}  This time, this one did.  Even though I went down for the count, we still tried to make the birthdays special.

Birthday surprises...
Abbie woke up on her birthday to a smidge of snow on the ground.

First thing she saw when she walked into the kitchen was her birthday chair and presents waiting for her at her place at the table.

A super cute plush horse she named Millie.
A Playmobile horse and foal set.

a birthday dress made by Hannah.

a silly, new book
fun coloring and stickers

Chocolate cake with pink frosting and M&M's in the shape of an "A"
Since I was still getting over being terribly sick, we didn't plan an outing, but I think Abbie was quite happy to just be home and play with her new toys.
Eric's birthday comes between Dan's and Abbie's, but again, it was the whole sick thing so the surprise party that I'd been scheming had to be postponed.  Do you know how hard it is to plan a surprise party?   Originally, it was planned for his actual birthday, he probably would have suspected something, but since it was a week later....he was surprised!
 Most of our friends attend the same church we do.  About a dozen or so families came to celebrate.  Simple fare - just coffee and cake, but still lots of fun.

~ Eric's jubilee year ~

Some perspective on the size of the balloons.  Ellie and Abbie are inside the zero.


  1. Happy 50th Eric! Wish we could have joined the party!

    I hope you're feeling better! What a bummer when Momma is sick. :-(

  2. I WAS going to make it to the surprise party but then the day changed and I had to work. :(
    I am glad y'all are getting better now though. :)


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