Wednesday, February 27, 2013


19 - the last of the teen years.

I remember when he was a wee babe and wondering what would he be when he grew up~  by that I mean, not just his profession, but his character.  What kind of man would he be?

I can honestly say that I am privileged to know him, and not just because I'm his mom. 

He's Charismatic
He's Artistic
He's Lovable
He's Expressive
He's Bold and brave

He loves the Lord and desires to bring glory to Him. 
Currently he is working hard to balance all things - college studies, work, writing club, church activities, friends, home responsibilities, and....his dream career of being a voice actor.  {His Scottish accent is by far his, really!}
There is some very VERY exciting news, but you'll have to see the next post to find out.

Since he had to work today, on his birthday, birthday plans are low key - family dinner, {he requested fish and chips...a British sort of thing...and pecan pie with vanilla ice cream.} gifts, and laughter.

Happy Birthday, Caleb.  We love you!

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  1. Wow, you're really keeping up on the birthdays! I think Caleb looks a lot like Eric in that picture. Please wish him a happy birthday from us!


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