Thursday, December 13, 2012

We are still counting down the days until Christmas. 

Day 11's card of our Advent calendar said to light candles, turn off all, but the Christmas tree lights and talk about our favorite childhood Christmas memories.  We kind of already do that anyway.  My sweet friend in California sent us her homemade candles as part of our Christmas gift .... just in time.  Her candles are THE BEST.  She sent gingerbread, and mulburry.  It was fun to light them for this occasion.  My house sure smelled good. 

On day 12 we all wore Christmas socks.  Trying to get a photo of them all was pretty funny since some of the patterns are only on the leg part, not the foot part - so taking a shot looking downward didn't work. 

I couldn't find Christmas socks for the little girls.  I bought a women's pair for Ellie in hopes that they would be ok.  The black heel practically goes halfway up her calf, but she loves them.  For Abbie and Mary I bought anklet socks with a cute ruffle and added jingle bells and red and green buttons.
{From left to right:  Ellie's striped penguins, Hannah's red and green penguins, Abbie's ruffled socks, Mary's snowman pj's {that counts, right?} Mom's singing angels, Dad's red, white and green deer, Dan's sledding snowmen, and Matt's snowflakes and snowmen.  Sadly, Caleb's dancing snowmen aren't in the picture, he had already gone to bed - his midnight shift comes far too early!}

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