Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Golden Birthday

Along with all our Advent activities, Hannah celebrated her golden birthday this year...14 on the 14th. 

She made a special dress with 2 jackets to go with it.  Aqua blue is beautiful on her.

She also really wanted her ears pierced.  We left for the mall bright and early on the chilly morning of her birthday.   She picked a darling pair of blue topaz (her birth stone) daisy stud earrings.  She was so thrilled.

Some sweet girlfriends arranged for a fun surprise at Starbuck's afterwards.

Sarah was able to stop over for some special sister time.  Birthday dinner, dessert and gifts came later once all the family could gather again that evening.

Hannah means "graceful" and she is that in every sense of the word.  She loves the Lord Jesus and has such a tender heart, a sweet spirit.  We are so thankful that God blessed us with sovereignly putting her in our family.

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  1. And she is SO beautiful! Quite the young woman, my little sister is turning out to be. :) Love you Hannah!!


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