Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Something fun…  Something a little crazy...  Something spontaneous… {ok not so spontaneous since we've been brainstorming on what we can do to make a memory on 12.12.12.}

Eric's idea: Pick a direction. Head 12 miles and do whatever is there for 12 minutes - try not to spend more than $12. 

The challenge:  We live IN THE COUNTRY! I guess that's where the spontaneity will come in - since I've no idea what is 12 miles from our home.   Will we eat?  Will we shop?  Will we just run in a field with cows and horses?

The kids are up for a little adventure, me too.   I'll take my camera.....

You'll never guess where we ended...
It's kind of comical, really.
No, it wasn't a field.
Yep, Good ol' McDonald's. 

We never go there anymore.  The olders reacted with, "Oh, McDonald's, it's been forever since we've been there."  The youngers were just plain perplexed, "What's McDonald's?"
Pretty funny.  We went in and ordered from the dollar menu.  A couple of them chose a chicken sandwich, most of them chose the fudge sundae. 

Just silly fun and a good time with the kids on 12.12.12.


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