Tuesday, July 10, 2012

one thought leading to another


I love hydrangeas! I love their big, cheerful blooms.  I love that they can be bright or pale pink, deep purple, or even blue, or even some of those all in one bloom. I love that they are hardy and don't need much tending.  We have a little hydrangea garden in our front yard - 10 bushes in all and they are blooming now.  It's heavenly! 
Our soil is acidic so we mostly get periwinkle colored blooms.  I had to replace one plant this year.  Originally it was a different variety and it never flowered.  (What's the point, right?)  I bought a replacement when Costco had them.  It's the only one with pink blooms.  Kinda fun.
Another reason I love hydrangeas is because they love the salty sea air like me!  Lots of homes on Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard have tons of hydrangeas.  They are the perfect beach cottage bloom! 
That makes me think of this...

I'm needing a beach fix!  I need to smell the salty sea air, to feel the sand between my toes, the hot sun on my back and catch a terrific right swell. 
That makes me think of my childhood days.  Lots of beach days!  It was either Redondo Beach with my Gramma and her dear friend, Dottie; or Zuma 0 with the neighbor girls who lived up the street.  We always arrived early - like 9 am. It would still be overcast and kind of cold.  We'd set up our area with beach mats/blankets, pop up the umbrella and place the little cooler under it for shade for later, then watch the surfers and the seagulls.  Little by little the sun would peak through the clouds and it would warm up. 
Then we'd play in the sun and waves all day long. Those days at the beach are my most favorite childhood days.  Eric grew up on the opposite coast...different beaches, but doing the same things - swimming in the waves, body surfing, collecting treasures found on the shore and in the sand.
Even now, when we make it to the beach, we both get giddy at the first glimpse of the sea, and first breath of salty air! 
We used to say of ourselves that it wasn't blood that ran through our veins, but the ocean!  I still think it's true.
Funny thing is, years ago when we lived at the beach, I dreamed of a farm life.  Now, if only we could meld our little farm with the sea coast.  Hmmm.  We can always dream!


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  1. Oh, I am so thinking the same thing right now!! I love the coast. Darren and I honeymooned in a little town on the Oregon Coast called Yachats. How wonderful that you grew up being able to play on the beach!! I LOVE your hydrangeas, too. I have tried several times to grow them here and they always don't seem to make it. I think I need to research some really hardy varieties:). I bet your yard looks so lovely right now with all of those beautiful blooms! ~Julia


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