Saturday, July 7, 2012

STOP (biting) and smell the roses!

Do mosquitos love you as much as they love me?  I think the scout goes out and calls to all his little buggy friends, "Hey - y'all come and get it - all you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner!" {Aka ~ ME}
I have discovered something new and now it's my a new weapon.

Lavender Rose goat milk lotion

You already know how much I love Anderson Family Farm goat milk lotion because it's an all natural product.  That's nothing new, but here I am using my lotion and lo and behold the bugs have stayed away from me.  THAT is new!  AFF offered this special edition scent for Mother's Day.  It's lavender rose and it works amazingly at keeping the mosquitos away.  I brought it with us to the Independence Day party.  Several people tried it and all have raved at how they were not eaten alive that night, when normally they would have been.
I didn't know that bugs don't like the scent of rose geranium?  Did you?  I always thought that scented lotion attracted bugs.  Not this one!
Another great thing is that it is safe for children.  I'd use this long before I put OFF on my children.  {with the exception for those who are allergic to goat's milk.} 
If you are looking for a natural, effective mosquito repellent with the side benefit of wonderfully nourishing your skin, {which really is its first benefit and the mosquito repellent is the second} then you should give this lotion a try! Either the Rose Geranium or the Lavender Rose - both contain rose geranium essential oil which is the key.
Happy outside summer evenings to you! :-)

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  1. "I cover myself with mud and set an elaborate booby trap"- Arnold Schwarzenegger from the film

    My #1 idea for fending off mosquitoes.



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