Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why is it that from day to day you don't see the changes?  It takes looking through old photos to see just how much the children have grown in such a short time.

Matthew just celebrated his 16th birthday.  16...ALREADY!  As we were sitting around the breakfast table remembering all the cute things he said and did as a toddler, it felt so surreal.  You know, like in the movies when you see people engaged in conversation and you hear their voices fading into the distance as you are transported to the past.  That's when it seems like "just yesterday".

Fast forward to 2012.
Here are some things you might not know about him.

He was my biggest baby at exactly 8 lbs.
He was my only baby who arrived on the due date.
He is taller than his father and older brother.
His favorite color is blue.
The Ford Mustang is his latest obsession.
He's a bit of a clothes horse.
He loves Husky dogs and wolves.
He would like to have Husky dogs of his own in the near future.
He is a good amazingly good X-Box player.
He is a voracious reader.
He doesn't like creative writing, but likes to draw.
His favorite food is pierogy.
He taught himself HTML and C#.
He loves to wear bolo ties.
He thinks Alaska might be a place he'd like to live.
He loves those sideburns!
He can often be found playing with his younger siblings - especially the baby.
He has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

We are incredibly privileged and blessed to be the parents of this young man of integrity!

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