Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Emergency Meal Kit

I was reading Amy's Homestead Revival Blog where she has a very practical challenge.  I'm sure you have given some thought to emergency preparedness.  You probably have some assorted canned food stored away, but what I really liked about her idea was that you would store an entire meal in a box of its own...all ready to pull off the shelf. 

She writes, "Having three days worth of meals ready to prepare would be wise, would it not? I'm not talking about your regular food storage. I'm talking about everything you need for one meal... in a box. A meal that doesn't require anything but a manual can opener and perhaps a bowl and spoon to mix. Also, it would be ideal if the meal did not require cooking over a heat source (since you might not have one right away due to ongoing weather issues or some other reason) nor would it require a lot of water (pasta requires a lot of precious water that may be scarce). And it would be healthy in that it is as free from additives and sugars as possible, but still packaged for long term storage (say 6 months to a year)."  Don't you think this is a great idea?  Check the link to see her idea for a meal.

I think this will be the first meal in a box for us.

"Soup and Crackers"
  • Amy's Vegetable Soup (ready to eat, healthy ingredients and it tastes good!) Available through Azure Standard
  • Rye Krisp crackers (these are gluten free)
  • Fruit and Nut (it's a mixture of raisins, craisins, pistachio nuts and walnuts - also gluten free) Available at Costco
  • Water bottle (We also buy these at Costco.)
Special items we would need for this meal would be
  • A way to heat the soup - we have a propane BBQ that has a side burner, but we also have a wood stove which we could place the pot of soup on top to warm.
  • Paper bowls and plastic spoons.
  • A manual can opener, pot and ladle. 
Each winter we seem to lose power once or twice due to snow and winds.  When we lose power, we also lose our water since our well pump is electric.  I have found that stocking up on assorted paper goods like plates, bowls and hot cups saves on the need for water to clean up dishes.  We chose paper over styrofoam because we can burn them in the woodstove.  

So - what would you put together for a meal?  Remember we need 3 days worth of food, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.


  1. Sheesh, I forgot about the utensils AND the plates, napkins, etc. Just goes to show you, how much thought beforehand is needed. Thanks to Amy for the Challenge!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! Soup is always well received by my family. I don't think they ever met a soup they didn't like, so this would be an excellent choice. Thanks for a great idea!


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