Sunday, October 16, 2011


My son, Caleb has gotten us all hooked on a radio program called The Score.  It's a "weekly celebration of symphonic music in film" hosted by Edmund Stone on our local classical station, 98.1 KING FM. We not only hear amazing music, but learn a bit about the composers themselves or a little-known tidbit about the movie that the score was written for.  Hans Zimmer and John Williams are favorite composers in this home. While listening, Hannah often makes a list of the movies that are featured.  If they are good  ones, we check them out from the library and watch.  Our family is all about the classics!
The thing I love is that at four o'clock in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday, when the program starts, we all stop what we are doing, gather around the radio and listen together.  Even our youngest children enjoy it.  They often play quietly while listening.  It reminds me of the days of yesteryear when families would gather around the radio together to listen to radio shows.  I so love that special family time we share! If we happen to miss the program, we are all so disappointed! 
I'm so thankful that my children have an appreciation for symphonic music and they are familiar with a good, many composers. They definitely have an appreciation for movies ;-)
If you live locally in Washington, you should check out The Score, I think you'd really enjoy it. 

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