Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Things

Days of the week embroidered dish towels - hung here for you to see
I LOVE old fashioned things.  I'm forever browsing in antique shops.  I love old fashioned dishes, especially transferware and depression glass.  I love quilts too as well as aprons and hand stitched dish towels.  I found this kit a while back and I fell in love with it, not only because it is hand work (which I enjoy doing while watching a movie or listening to the Score), but because even the pictures are old fashioned.   It seems that in today's society, most woman are off to work so I don't know if they have designated days to complete their chores. In my mom's day, women stayed home and were called "housewives".  How'd they get that?  I'm not married to my house, I'm married to my husband!  I love to be a keeper of my home (much better term, don't you think?) and I am so thankful for that privilege to be able to be home daily with my children.  To be a bit more orderly, I find that I have fallen into a natural pattern of  a "wash day", and "iron day", a "sew day", and "market day", a "clean day", a "cook day" and a "rest day", just like my dish towels.  Of course, in our home several days are wash day and clean day and everyday is cook day. 

My favorite picture of all in this collection is "market day".  I love the rustic basket, the French bread loaf and the fresh vegetables peeking out.  It's so European - so French Country.   Love that!
My favorite one
For my birthday, my son Matthew gave me Rise and Shine iron on embroidery transfers.  The pictures are darling hens and chicks.  Every farm needs hens and chicks.  Until we get chickens, mine will be on my kitchen dish towels. :-) 

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