Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drum Roll, Please...

I know you are all waiting with bated breath so ....drum roll, please......AUSTRALIA is where we shall get the names for the newest goats. Australia sure has some crazy names for beaches/surf spots!
Here are a few... Butterbox, Winkipop, Narooma, Bombo, or how about Queensie Bombie?!
Some of these surf spots are rated only for "professional or kamakaze" surfers. WOW! So it looks like this batch of babes will have crazy names (for registration) but, of course, the buyers can always call them what they like.

Today the Fed-Ex truck pulled down our driveway and 5 of the adult goats that were in a pasture (well, that is a relative term - more on that later) near the driveway just stopped eating and stared at him as if to say, "Hello? Whatcha doin'?" He was pretty smitten with them. He said to me in his very thick Spanish accent,
"Oh, there is a great dish using goat".
I replied, "Oh, Cajeta sauce?" (which is divine!)
"Oh, that uses the milk - no, the one I mean uses the meat, but maybe your kids wouldn't like that too much."
"No, they actually probably wouldn't mind since we eat venison."
"Well, this dish is pretty spicy too, mabye the kids won't like that."
"Well, some of them would really like that - what's it called?"
" Birria." he replied.
Hmmm, he's got my curiosity up, I'll have to look it up on Bing!

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  1. We were able to sell 4 of the kids. We kept two - one we will butcher, and the other one, a doe, we named Sydney.


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