Friday, July 15, 2011

More Goaties

They are just SO cute!! 3 more little ones arrived yesterday. She had 2 boys (bucks) and a girl (doe). Now our herd is up to 13. YIKES! So now we enter the CRAZIES! We milk the mama goats both morning and night (7 am and 7 pm) and we bottle feed the babies 3 times a day. This crazy schedule will last for about a month and then we can cut out the middle of the day feeding. During this time we are pretty much married to the farm. I'm a home-body at heart so I don't mind too much, but it does make our Sunday church and fellowship time rather tricky - especially since we don't live close to church. That's ok - we love our church and it's worth the drive and this crazy time is short lived and so worth it because we have GOAT MILK again. YIPPEE!! I'll be making cheese soon.

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