Saturday, July 14, 2018

Life Lately

I have had this post in my drafts for a while.  Trouble with our internet meant slow loading photos so I'd write a little here and there.  Then I realized that I had a lot of photos so I considered making separate posts for each, but this honestly isn't the season for blogging for me so bear with the extra long post, okay?

. . . . . . .

When my dad and brother were here we took them to Narrative.  It's our favorite coffee house.
We love to take our company there.  We feel like it lets them into our lives.  That may sound weird, but with specialty coffee such a big part of our lives - and a coffee house that's so enjoyable to be at, it's just a perfect thing to do. Sort of like "When in Rome...."

They really enjoyed the relaxed vibe there.  Narrative always have some sort of great music playing (at just the right volume too.)  While sitting on a comfy couch, I decided to take some pictures of what I had in view.

Ellie brought her sketch book and her new MP3 player.

a Converse convention

I don't remember the drink that Roger tried.  It was a cold drink that had "sea glass" in the name.  How could you go wrong with that? 😉  Dad tried his first pour-over. 👌

Hannah took this shot and I put it in black and white.  It's my favorite!

It rained so much for the week they were here.  Life has been pretty crazy lately.  We still have only one car making life more complicated and requiring more of me.  Hannah is still recovering so we have good days and bad days and tired days and crabby days (and that goes for everyone.) I am thankful that family is willing to do "whatever".  They didn't come with expectations other than spending time together.

 . . . . . . . .

Father's Day

A day to let our very special man know how much we love him and appreciate all that he does for us.  He bears so many burdens and responsibilities on our behalf, but he does it with with joy and love, and we are so thankful for him.  Also - he's fun and an inspiration.

Age is only a state of mind.

Twice around the lake is a 5K.  From the start, Mary took the easy way.  Easy for HER.

How I adore this man.

That day was beautiful and sunny and nearly 80 degrees.  Not even all the way around the lake and they took cover in the shade.  These Washingtonians melt when it gets above 73 degrees!

Sarah is back living in Washington and she was able to join us too.

Abbie was practicing for an upcoming race.

learning to foot brake.

She got it!

. . . . . . . 

A nature walk in the park with friends - (Lord's Hill Regional Park)

It had been a long while since we had last gotten together.  My children always look forward to seeing them.  And I enjoy any opportunity to take my camera along.  😊

This particular park has so many trails, but with some little legs in the crowd we decided to keep the "hike" short (about 2 miles.)

This outing was just what we needed in the midst of still trying finish up some school and every spare moment working on the coffee roastery.  (which is really coming along nicely and also why I don't have time to blog!) 

. . . . . . . 

All the gravity sports

We found a little known-little traveled road by our home.  The pavement isn't smooth, but it's a safe place to practice.  Daniel has been building a gravity bike with Eric in hopes to go down Maryhill next year with it.

We have two trips planned to Maryhill later this summer.  One is a sanctioned race and the other is a free ride.  The free rides are put on by a group of people that we've built a bit of "community" with.  They were quick to let us know they heard of Hannah's accident and wished her quick healing.   They supported us by purchasing a lot of  "That Skate Fairy" vinyl stickers.

Have you seen The Greatest Showman?  I feel like skaters are sort of like the "curiosities" in the movie.   They are tatted and rough on the outside, but they each have a story.  A great many people have prejudices against skaters.  They are thought of punks or rebels - some are, some aren't.
They all need a chance to see the love of Christ.   They need a chance to hear of Christ and what He has accomplished for them.

So we go.  We build relationships.  We pray we are salt and light.

I will end this post here and continue soon.  (soon is a relative term, right?)
- Carol

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  1. I really like how your family rolls... literally and symbolically. Enjoy the last bits of summer!


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