Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day 2017

 Hi Friends,

I hope you had a lovely celebration of the 4th of July.  Our yearly celebration consists of spending some quality time (without cell phones) with family (us together) and friends.  Our church hosts the party and we all bring canopies and blankets and chairs and lots of food to share.

Each year there are games - water balloon toss,  three-legged races, and others.

Always included is an old fashioned cake walk too.  We made these cupcakes to enter for that.

Of course, face painting is a favorite!

Hannah often volunteers to do that.

Mary got a dinosaur.  Aren't you shocked that she didn't get a turtle?!  I was, but I guess there is a book of pictures that they choose from, and a turtle wasn't one of the choices.  I guess that speaks a little about her personality.

New this year, were pony rides.
A family in the church brought two and manned the area for most of the afternoon.  What sweet service to the children, who thoroughly enjoyed it!

The weather was sunny and almost 80! A most lovely day for fellowshipping outside.  Some years there has been rain, which does make it feel a little safer for fireworks, but definitely dampens the celebration (ha - pun intended.)

Need to Breathe played on the loud speaker, while the cotton candy machine whipped up cones of whispy blue sugar puffs, and the smell of charcoal and lighter fluid filled the air.
Long tables were filled with side dishes - salads: pasta salads, potato salads, green salads, fruit salads, chips of every sort, as well as bowls of cubed watermelon and fresh cherries.
The dessert table was equally filled with all sorts of goodies.

We had little mishap.  I had made some "safe" chicken drumsticks for our family to eat.  We baked them at home and then put then in the crock pot to stay warm until eating time.  Well....someone put our crock pot out on the buffet table so - everyone got to enjoy.  Good thing Hannah wasn't hungry because they went quick!  Oh well, I'll plan that a little differently next time.

Several men coordinate a terrific firework show as well, but Eric and I and the younger children usually head home before that starts.
It doesn't get dark here in Washington until about 10 pm. and we have a long drive home (almost an hour).  Instead we get home somewhere around 8:00- 9:00 pm and get the little girls all cleaned up and in jammies, then Eric sets off a few fireworks that we watch from my bedroom window so don't get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.
Eric chose a fabulous "mortar cake" of 36 shots that made an absolutely wonderful display.  It finished off a wonderful Independence Day celebration.

Before we headed to the church festivities, Eric and I went to the theater to see Wonder Woman.  😀
It was the perfect choice for a patriotic day!

- Carol


  1. Loved this summary of pur independence day celebration! It was such a perfect turn out with the weather and all. :) How did you like Wonder Woman??

    1. Evelyn,
      It was a delightful day, wasn't it? And, I thoroughly enjoyed Wonder Woman!


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