Monday, March 13, 2017

365 photo challenge - week 10

To be honest this week's photo challenge was a bit of a fail.  I didn't have a lot of opportunity, and the one day I was out and about I did take my camera, but discovered I forgot to put the memory card in.  😕 So yeah. 
Here are the ones I did take. 

[ 64 - 365 - a routine ]
It's always a routine to get the kitchen tidied up...cook-wash-dry-wipe-repeat.  I'd say that was routine. 😉

[ 65 - 365 - rule of thirds ]

[ 66 - 365 - circle ]

[ 67 - 365 - my perspective ]

 [ 68 - 365 - the weather today ]
We were in a bit of a pattern of waking up to a little bit of snow, and then it would melt by day's end.
I did hear a peeper frog the other morning though, so spring can't be too far off!

[ 69 - 365 - writing ]
[ 70- 365 - starts with b ]

So how about you?  Are you able to keep up with projects and goals?   How do you handle getting behind?  I've always said, "the hurrier, I go, the behinder I get!"  

- Carol

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  1. I love your photography so much! I always get excited when I see these photo challenge posts:)

    1. Ok...can I just say that you MADE my day?! Thanks so much Abby.


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