Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthdays (2)

Hi Friends, 

We have some fun birthday traditions like decorating the birthday person's chair with streamers and balloons, and making a special birthday dinner.  Hannah seems to have created a new tradition.  It started with her baking a personal pie for her grandfather intended for him to eat on his birthday for breakfast.

We just celebrated Eric's birthday.  Hannah made him his own personal pecan pie.  He savored it and ate just half for breakfast and then other half the next day. 

He was able to take the day off.  He did open gifts in the morning because that is also a tradition of ours.

Look at this skateboarder wrapping paper that his mom found!  Mom, you ROCK!  (where did you ever find it?)

You know you're getting older when... your son hugs you good-bye on his way out the door to head to work for the day.  😉)

His having the day off  was a terrific present for all of us! (but mostly for me.)
Sometimes "Life" happens on your birthday too.  Eric and I had to go to Costco to have the tires installed that we bought for this truck. While waiting, we had a lunch date at a Red Robin close by.
The best part of it was that the day was sunny and warm and we had the sun-roof open.   Can I just say that dates are fun, no matter how casual or seemingly ordinary.
His birthday came in installments this year because we planned a "family" birthday where we could celebrate all the February birthdays together (Dan, Eric, Abbie, and Caleb) when Caleb was going to be up here.  But who doesn't like having a couple more gifts and pecan pie again for round two?!

On a more serious note.  Eric is managing the pain of PMR with meds and some naturopathic supplements (Tumeric, fish oil, vitamin D) There are good days and difficult days for him. We are always thankful for the prayers that go out on his behalf.  

We are optimistic about the future. 😊
We have some plans up our sleeve that I've hinted at before, but we aren't quite ready to share all about them yet, but soon.  Thankful that the Lord is in control of all things, health and otherwise.

- Carol

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