Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Birthday (3)

Hi Friends,

Since Caleb lives far away and couldn't be here for each February birthday celebration (including his own) we decided that we would have a combined family birthday when he was going to be here. 

Sarah was able to be here too.  Even though she lives close by, her work schedule often prevents her from joining us. 

 Since Daniel's birthday comes first, he opened gifts first.  Lego from Sister is always a win.  Caleb took him out later that night to shop for dress shirts because Daniel likes to look snazzy. 😀

Eric opened gifts next.

anything skate always brings a smile. 

Next was Abbie

Then Caleb...

Now he can safely drift-trike at the Maryhill spring ride! 

Ellie made this little felted fox for Caleb. 

I decided that lasagna, French bread and salad would be enjoyed by all the birthday peeps.
It was!
Followed by pecan pie and vanilla ice cream. 🙌

The funny part about this celebration was how many times I had to explain to the younger children how it was to work.  Those with birthdays before would have their celebration on their day as usual, including gifts from those of us here at home.  Then on "family birthday" they would open gifts from Sarah and Caleb (and give Caleb's gifts to him).  Those with birthdays afterwards, would ONLY open gifts from Sarah and Caleb, and will have their regular birthday celebration on their special day.
Somehow Abbie thought of it as her "fake birthday".

There was made mention of us celebrating Mary's birthday (in March) on the weekend before her birthday, when Caleb will be here.  She excitedly exclaimed, "I get a fake burtday too!"  ha ha.

It was so nice to have everyone together, especially because it doesn't happen very often, and I think the birthday peeps were blessed.

- Carol

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