Thursday, February 16, 2017

Birthdays (1)

Hello Friends,

It's birthday month for us.  Four of them!  It's fun and crazy, and makes my head spin just a little.
The first of the four was Daniel, and on Valentine's day he celebrated his golden birthday - 14! 

He has grown so much this last year, and his voice is changing.  He is taller than me (though that isn't saying much... but he is almost as tall as Matt, who is 6'!

I am thankful that my boys are best friends.  They both miss the third!

We began the morning in our usual way.  Cards and gifts early before the workers headed off for the day.

We asked Dan how he wanted to celebrate his golden birthday.  He thought a lot about it.  He considered the fact that some had to work.  He also considered the ages of his younger sisters.  He still really likes to build with Lego.  Matt and he make stop motion videos together, when they have time.

There is a new store in town called Bricks and Minifigs.  They buy, sell, and trade new and used Lego.

They have tables with parts to build too.  One table has all the people parts - hair, heads, torsos. pants, and accessories like coffee mugs or swords. Another table has parts all separated by colors.  

All of us built a person for someone else in our family.  We had fun digging through the parts to find just the right look.

Mary was so intrigued by the the collections in the cases.  They each brought along a little money just in case.

Daniel chose a large set to buy with some birthday money.

He chose a dragon. He spent the afternoon building it and that in itself was a birthday gift.

Birthday dinner request was potato carrot soup, homemade bread, and salad.  It's something I used to make pretty frequently until we discovered food allergies in the family.  It's funny the things that evoke a special emotion or feelings or memories.

None of us are traditional birthday cake people.  Pecan pie is Dan's dessert of choice.

This year has been the year that Daniel has grown not just in stature, but in wisdom too.  He loves the Lord and is faithful to be in His Word.  He has always been a tender heart, and is still.  I know that it sounds like I am just gushing over him, but I can't deny I am proud of the young man he has become.

Happy Birthday to our special Valentine.

- Carol

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