Monday, February 13, 2017

10 on 10 'cept only 8

Hi Friends,

You'd be so proud of me, I remembered on the 10th to take 10 pictures to document the day.
It started out pretty well.

My days start out best this way.  I'm currently reading in the book of Luke.  I finished Tozer's The Pursuit of God, and am now reading, The Attributes of God by Arthur Pink.

The 10th was on Friday, which means Cheerios for breakfast for the kids.  This was my breakfast. (Not ALL those sausages, just a few, but it's easier to cook them all up and refrigerate the leftovers.)

Thinking through the weekend, and Caleb being here (YAY) I took food out to thaw.

 I wrapped presents.  One for a bridal shower the next day and others for birthdays this month.

THEN, this happened.
Mary had been complaining for a day, or even maybe two, that her eye was hurting.  I looked, but didn't see anything so thought maybe she just rubbed it too hard.
But it was REALLY red inside!

Come to find out a group of those long, luscious lashes at the corner had curled up under her upper eye lid.  (not just one - a group of them!)
I tried a few things, but I could not get them out.  I debated about whether it was time for the doctor, but instead we prayed.  I asked the Lord for wisdom.  I tried to think what the doctor would do for her in the office.  Hannah had the idea to look it up on the internet, and low and behold she found the answer....Vaseline on a Q-tip.  It took a little bit of working and coaxing, but we got them free!  
Mary was such a good patient, and the Lord was so faithful to answer our prayer so quickly. 

After all that, I forgot about taking photos, until way late in the day.

This was the last of the 5" of snow we got on Monday.  Bye for now, Frosty.

If you've read here for any amount of time, you probably know that Friday night is Pizza Night in our house.  So there's my dough for two pizzas raising in the oven.

and that was our day.  Netflix arrived in the mail that evening.  The girls were thrilled to find that it was My Little Pony.  Eric watched it with the little girls, while they loved it, Eric said it felt like one loooooong commercial.  😂😧
Meanwhile, the older kids and I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner and then just sat and chatted.

And that was my 10th... with 8 pictures. 😉.

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