Friday, December 2, 2016

Movin' on up


Ellie's chicks have been in our garage with a heat lamp since we got them at the beginning of October.  It's been fun to see just how fast they grow!  It was good to keep them there while Ellie got used to her new chores, and it allowed them to acclimate to our cold temperatures too. 
At seven weeks, they were ready for their "big girl home".  Ellie was so excited .

She is in love with these chickens.  Meet Ginger, Elaine, Alice, and Amelia.  I have no idea which one is which, but Ellie sure does!

I did not expect that the chickens would be so timid and cautious in their new home.  They were always so curious and bold in their other pen.  Ellie had to physically put them in where there nesting boxes are because they couldn't figure out the ladder thing that leads to them.  (I wonder if a ramp, rather than a ladder would be better?)  
So far they seem to be happy in their cozy coop, and getting the hang of things.

Something else I didn't expect is that the goats seem to be leery, even a little afraid of those "things" just beyond their yard.  I think now that a few days have passed, they are getting used to the new noises, but I can't wait to see what they will do, when the chickens are free roaming and might venture into their space.  😲

If you have chickens (or have had them) can you recommend a good chicken-keeping book that would be good for Ellie to have for reference?  One that is kid friendly, and not too technical.

Until next time,
- Carol

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