Friday, November 4, 2016

My fabulous find

Hi Friends, 

OH MY!  I just stumbled upon the MOST CHARMING magazine EVER! 

Last week when I was packing for our Colorado trip, I wanted some light reading for the plane. In the magazine isle at the store I was scanning the sea of food, cottage, wedding, sports when this little gem caught my eye.

She writes the magazine as if she is writing in her diary (and you, the reader are her journal hearing all her thoughts and ideas.)  She invites you into her creative world of homes, and gardens, cooking, and travel, crafts and shopping.  She writes what she has been up to as well as features what some readers have written to her about, which forms a source of inspiration.
Each edition of Daphne's Diary is a surprise, but each often includes extra items like stickers. cards, things to fold, stick or cut out yourself.

She's all about inspiring you be creative.

In my issue she included a little bit of hospitality with some interesting recipes.  I want to try the one for broccoli soup.

Tucked between the pages was this cheerful poster.

There was a simple craft idea using maple keys, which we have all over our property this time of year.

She featured several artisans from around the world.  This gal makes the most amazing miniatures in the country cottage style for doll houses.

"She makes the little things that we love the most, but in tiny versions" ... like this SUSAN BRANCH book entitled Love.

Ok, she's a kindred spirit if she likes Susan Branch ;-)

The only thing I can't seem to figure out is how frequently it is published.   This issue is number 6 - 2016 - so maybe every other month?  It's a little spendy too at S14.50.

Little story - At the top right of the cover is the price in pounds.  L5.99   I figured that the magazine couldn't be much more than $7 or so. (clearly I do not know my exchange rates!)  I had other things to buy and was a bit distracted by my children, so didn't catch the price until I read the receipt when I got home.  YIKES.  S14.50!  I kind of had buyer's remorse, but as I thumbed through the pages was pleased that it was so unique with NO advertising!

What's also fun about it is that I am pretty sure she lives in England somewhere.  Her spelling of certain words like "neighbours" and "whilst" and "colour" make you feel like you are visiting with your British girlfriend and that tea time is inevitable.

This would be a really sweet gift to give (either a subscription or just a single issue) as a birthday treat or to someone who may be recovering from illness or a new baby.... or maybe... treat yourself!


- Carol



  1. This magazine tho! I want one! ;)

  2. This magazine looks right up my ally! Thank you for sharing it! It would be a nice treat to put on a wish list :)

    1. Oh, JES, you would thoroughly enjoy this magazine! If you can't find it where you live, you can visit her website to order.


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