Wednesday, November 2, 2016

For your listening pleasure

Hello there,
Sweet sibling moments just bless my heart, and make this mama so proud of them. 
This school year Hannah is teaching piano to Ellie.  We've been told that piano lessons where the older sibling teaches the younger one are not always enjoyable or productive for either one, so we weren't sure what to expect.  However, we gave it a trial run during the summer with great success. 

Hannah is a patient teacher, and Ellie is a quick student.  She has caught on rather quickly. 
There is nothing like performing in front of an audience to ensure solid practice times.  ;-)

Just a couple of Sundays ago Ellie and Hannah performed an offertory for church.  Ellie was both a little nervous and a lot excited. 

Hannah said it was such a different feeling being the teacher with her student.  She was quite proud of Ellie.

Caleb made it a special point to be there to support his little sister.

He video'd it for me (for you!) too.

They grow up little by little right before your eyes, where you hardly even notice.  Then as you stand there taking pictures with a heart filled with joy, you realize it's a special moment.  Not just because it was her first offertory, not just because it was special sibling moment, but because she's one step further away from childhood.  Can I just freeze time to soak it all in?   To appreciate these sweet childhood days?

Note to self:  Choose time well spent with each one over the busyness of life or distraction of social media!

~ Carol


  1. This is so sweet and such an encouragement (and good reminder!)

  2. Ew, yuck my old room, but Aw, cute, Ellie and Caleb! <3


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