Friday, October 7, 2016

Farm Chick(s)

For as long as I can remember, Ellie has wanted to get chickens.  
This year was her golden birthday (back in June), and we thought chickens might be the perfect gift for her, but first we had to find just the right place for just the right coop. 
And also - have a bit of dry weather.

I've pinned lots of super cute coop ideas to my pinterest board hoping to find the right one for us.

We considered a chicken tractor.  That would be a fabulous option, except that our property is not at all level so it would be impossible to keep the girls safe. 

We recently received a mailer from Tractor Supply who had a coop on sale. 
It looks cute, holds up to six chickens, and was priced right. :-)

We also needed to choose the right place. 
Level. Not too close to the house (smell). Not too close to the goats (the health of both).  But close enough for easy chores and watching my little egg-collecter.  :-) 

Ellie was excited to help put it together. 

She and Eric painted it yellow to match our house.

Then they had to prepare the place.

Just the right size for this farm chick. 

This girl didn't want to wait any longer so even though it isn't spring, when most feed stores have chicks available, we found a local farm.  

4 female Buff Orpingtons, please.

Those eyes are filled with more joy than she can contain!

For those of you who know Eric, (who has always said he would never have chickens) you won't believe this...
He set them up for the first night IN THE HOUSE - in Ellie's bedroom! 

No one really got any sleep that night.  Those soft little peep-peeps during the day are rather loud throughout the night.  They are now in a much better spot!  I think it will be about six more weeks before they'll be in their cozy coop.

I'm looking forward to the days when Ellie brings in fresh eggs.  
Ellie is one happy girl.  She kisses them, tells them she loves them, and prays with them at night.  


~ Carol


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