Friday, September 16, 2016

She said ~ He said

I often share about how I want to be intentional about time with my children, but I thought I would share how Eric chose to spend his time with them while Hannah and I were in Cali

Since Eric would be arriving home from taking us to the airport just about the time the children would be waking up, he brought home a surprise breakfast for the kids.  
We rarely have doughnuts (except maybe for National Doughnut Day) so it's always a super special treat for them.

The side door of the garage needed to be replaced due to some rot in the frame.  He let Dan and Ellie use all the power tools and pretty much replace the door themselves.  (smart man!)  And they had a blast.  There's nothing like the feeling of being a responsible big kid and having the trust from your dad to use his power tools. 

One of the days Eric and Daniel both had haircut appointments.  Of course, the little girls had to go along and sit quietly since the salon space is so tiny.  
In appreciation, Eric took them to a candy store for a scoop of candy of their choice.  (They chose Lego brick candy, rock candy, Swedish fish, and non-perils.)
 Praise and a sweet reward for joyful obedience is always an encouragement.

They also checked out the Lego store because it's what they enjoy. 

They continued with our Friday night homemade pizza dinner tradition.
Zootopia arrived via Netflix so after dinner they all snuggled in our bed with him and watched it.  

Along with the normal life stuff of meals, baths, read-alouds, and devotions, he blended working together and playing together into some super special memories. 
I think they relished the time to have their daddy all to themselves.

~ Carol

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