Monday, August 22, 2016


My firstborn turned 25!  That's just so hard to believe.  
We of course, wanted to celebrate this special day with her, but meshing schedules with adult children, especially adult children that work two jobs is no easy feat. 
We ended up celebrating with her at her apartment the following day with gifts and ice cream.

Birthdays seem to make one stop and assess what's been accomplished in life.  I'm sure Sarah herself can hardly believe she's 25 - a quarter of a century.   But more than a college degree or marriage or children or world travel I pray for a heart that seeks hard after God and His will... and a willingness to do whatever He shows her.  What does HE want for her?    
With her being on her own and super busy with two jobs, and me with a full house and lots of responsibilities we don't get to see each other often enough.  But these are the things I admire about her. 
She has a beautiful smile and great laugh!  She is a hard worker.  She's a gift-giver.  She is tender with animals.  She is self-motivated (so maybe a little impulsive?  but also so creative.)  She has blessed my life so much.  That first born - that helped me to grow as a parent, helped me understand better loving unconditionally, even helped me to see my ugly side.  

I remember so well those last days of pregnancy feeling unwell.  I remember holding the tiniest of newborns with cords and wires and alarms.  I remember the smell of the hospital, but I also remember the sweetest newborn smell.  I remember the hot tears streaming down my cheeks in utter amazement of God's grace in bringing both of us through.

Dearest Sarah,
When you arrived there was so much that I didn't know about mothering, but you have endured my
sharp learning curve through the years.  I am thankful that God gives an extra measure of strength and bravery to first-borns - and to mothers   ;-)
If you know nothing else, KNOW this...that I love you with the deepest love that only a mother has.



  1. Thanks for making me cry at work!
    Love you Mum! *kisses*

  2. Please pass on my birthday wishes to Sarah! I remember that tiny little baby girl in those pics!


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